An Unparalleled Experience

Southbridge Wine Programs brings more than a decade of experience in South America organizing fully tailored visits for wine enthusiasts. We also create customized programs and organize technical visits for wine buyers and sommeliers, executive education groups, and press trips for journalists, wine bloggers and influential industry leaders throughout the globe. With access to hundreds of wineries in four countries, Southbridge’s team of experts arranges programs for groups with interests beyond standard tours and tasting packages.

A Wine Lover’s Paradise

South America’s beautiful and diverse geography have created a vibrant and innovative viticulture. The mosaic of climates and terroirs have allowed traditional Old World wine producers to flourish alongside technological innovators and the styles of the New World. The sparkling whites from Brazil and Uruguay’s promising Tannats complement the innovative wines emerging from Argentina and Chile.

A wine tour through any of these beautiful countries involves spectacular views of gorgeous beaches, arid deserts, and stunning mountain ranges. Discover how South American wine producers are experimenting with hybrid vines, cool climates, and varying elevations to produce some of the world’s most exciting wines.

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